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Preparing for the NPC nationals 10/15/2012
40mins cardio 45mins leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls, donkey raises. Boot-camp class 1hr, Evening 30mins cardio
30mins of cardio, Chest n Biceps Bench press 10 sets 15reps 225/straight-bar curls 110lbs 10sets of 10reps (slow reps 3count release from top to bottom of repetition). Bootcamp class 1hr /Evening 30mins of cardio
45 mins of cardio back and triceps Lat pull-downs 10sets of max repetitions, cable narrow-grip rows 10sets of 15reps, cable triceps press-downs with straight bar attachment. Evening 30mins of cardio dead-lifts 5sets of 225lbs 15reps, 5sets of 315lbs 10reps, 2sets of 405lbs 8reps.
Guided Meditation Audio Program
40mins of cardio Shoulders standing military press 135lbs 5sets of 15reps, 185lbs 5sets of 8reps. shoulder shrugs 225lbs straight-bar 20reps 2 sets, 315lbs 5sets 12reps, 405lbs 5sets of 8reps/ Afternoon 30mins cardio Boot camp class
30mins of cardio, Chest n Biceps Cable cross-overs super set with cable double biceps curls 10sets each,
Cardio 40mins Legs Squats 225lbs 10reps 5sets super set with walking lunges 60lb dumbbells followed by leg curls, leg extensions, donkey calve raises.
Cardio 30mins, Chest Incline presses 225 5sets 15reps followed by dumbbell shoulder presses sets starting with 80's up to 110's +5lb increments each set.
NPC nationals bound James Vondoloski Workout log W/E 10/6/2012
Monday:30 minutes of stationary bike for cardioSmith Machine Shoulder Press 135 x 15reps x 5 sets Shoulder Shrugs (Barbell) 315 x 12 reps x 5 sets Bicep Curls 40 lbs (d-bells) 15 reps x 5 sets add 5lbs after each set Lunchtime 45 mins cardio stair-stepper Tuesday: 30mins of stationary bike for cardio Leg squats barbell 225lbs 10 to 15reps x 20 sets straight-legged deadlift 225lbs 15reps x 5 sets Boot-camp Class 1hr lunchtime cardio 45mins treadmill/elliptical evening Boot-camp Class 1hr   Wednesday: 2 1/2hr cardio sessions no resistance training Thursday: 40mins stationary bike for cardio Barbell Dead-lift 2 sets of 225 x 15reps, 2 sets of 275 x 12reps, 2 sets of 315 x 8reps, 2 sets 405 x 6reps Tricep Bench Pull-overs 70lb 75lb 80lb 85lb 90lb sets of 10reps Evening Boot-camp Class 1hr Friday: 20mins of stair-stepper 20mins of treadmill 6.5mph Bench-press 225 x 10reps x 5sets, 275 x 8reps x 3sets, x 315lbs x 4reps x 2sets Saturday: off Sunday: 20mins stair-stepper 20mins of stationary bike Evening Leg presses 5 sets 4,5,6,7,8,9 plates,max reps super set with squats 225, 275, 315, 405 max reps each set
Life on a diet can get a little dull. For a Bodybuilder, or anyone on a strict purposeful diet, your options can be pretty limited and before long it's easy to find yourself kinda tired of the same meals day in and day out. However, with a little imagination and forethought there are infinite ways to spin these same food options into treats. After all, a little positive reinforcement never hurt anyone did it? Here's a recipe for something I like to call Whey Bombs! I'm bulking up right now so I made them a little heavy on the fats, which also makes them taste amazing. Baking with Whey is something that we often overlook but, holy crap, the results are not only delicious but also help you hit your goals! Whey Bombs! Recipe: Ingredients: 256 grams rolled oats 2 lb natural peanut butter (crunchy) 427grams egg white 3 cups coconut, almond, or oat milk 44grams cinnamon 19.2 grams baking soda 125 grams cacao nibs 240 grams whey 200 grams truvia Baking Blend Sea Salt Simple Steps: Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees (Fahrenheit) Stir all ingredients into a large bowl (except for sea salt) to make the batter If time allows, let the batter sit in you refrigerator for about 20-40 minutes to give the oats time to soak up the On a well oiled or parchment paper lined cookie tray, use a spoon to dab out the desired number of cookies. Keep in mind that these things will rise a bit while cooking so go for a size that's a bit smaller than you'd prefer the final cookies to be. Throw those Whey Bombs into the oven and let them cook for 10-20 minutes depending on how moist you'd prefer them to be. Cooking for 10 minutes will yield Whey Bombs that are a bit more “cakey”, with a brownie like consistency, while cooking them for longer should yield a crispier cookie. Sprinkle Sea Salt across the tops of the Whey Bombs for a savory flavor Allow to cool (IF YOU CAN!), then devour for gains! Nutritonal Info: We went pretty big on the cookie size with ours so we yielded 28 Whey Bombs in total. Here is the macro-nutritional break down per cookie: These are some pretty solid Bulkers and they taste awesome! What better way to reward yourself for hitting that PR or a having a great workout than with an awesome “cheat meal” pastry that doesn't really require you to cheat on your diet?! Enjoy, and until next week, GET RIPPED!
American Pure Whey Employees at the Mr. Olympia Las Vegas 2012
American Pure Whey sales associates attended the Superbowl of bodybuilding The Mr. Olympia held at Las Vegas. This convention was during September 28, 2012 to October 1, 2012. The sales associates met with the elite bodybuilders of the world and signed lucrative contracts with top distributors in the USA and internationally. Way to go guys! You have made us proud again! 
Nutrient Timing with American Pure whey Sizer XXL

One of the largest misunderstandings I see in bodybuilding currently is nutrient timing.  I see some guys eating two meals a day, some with 5, and with all these different choices it leaves some people in a state of confusion. 

The easiest way of thinking about it, is by picturing an IV bag.  The bag slowly drips providing nutrients very slowly.  This is exactly how we as bodybuilders need to think of nutrition.  We need a constant supply of quality calories throughout the entire day to provide the needs for repairing muscle tissue and providing new growth.  This thought process has been why you have seen many big name bodybuilders actually wake up in the middle of the night and consume a meal at 3am and then go back to bed, during a bulk.  Their idea is that sleeping all night they go into a fasting state and are missing an opportunity for growth.  I have tried this and I don’t recommend it.  I believe it interrupts your sleeping pattern which inhibits the amount of natural Growth Hormone the body is releasing.  Keeping this ideology in mind, this shows us that we must have a meal/shake immediately upon waking and prior to going to bed to completely optimize the bulking process and to keep protein and amino acids within the blood stream. 

In my previous blogs, I spoke of how great I thought Sizer XXL is as a morning shake.  However, there is one time when the body can metabolize nutrients and at much higher rate and use the food in a much higher anabolic ration, this is post workout.  During a workout our body tears down the tissues and there is an immediate need for nutrition otherwise the body will go into a catabolic state and tear down muscle tissue for the sake of energy.  This is our bodies natural response to protect itself and its great in extreme situations when survival is the only goal.  To combat this natural reaction we need simple carbohydrates and a fast digesting protein.  Sizer XXL gives us a supply of 41g of simple sugar for fast digesting carbohydrates…… your saying “wait my trainer at planet fitness tells me simple sugars are bad.”  While this statement is primarily true, simple sugars are excellent post-workout because they cause an insulin spike.  This spike in insulin levels allows our body to shuttle the other nutrients that we put in directly to the blood stream which are then taken to the muscle tissue.  Hence we use the simple sugars to spike the insulin to carry the 70g of muscle building protein, directly to the muscle.  The greatest part of Sizer XXL in comparison to other post workout products is that it includes Creatine monohydrate (5g) and Glutamine (14g).   Many clinical studies have shown that Creatine is much more anabolic when consumed in a higher insulin state.  Simply put, the simple carbs allow your body to actually use the amount of creatine that is in the product and do so in a much faster pace.  Sizer XXL uses a mixture of Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate which are both very fast digesting proteins.  All of this together creates a nutritional synergy that is perfectly primed for post workout.  Post-Workout your body has about an Hour to take advantage of this Anabolic window, if you don’t take advantage of it during this time your body will return to normal after the hour time period.  That’s one of the major reasons for the large amount of protein in Sizer XXL (70g).  Simply put if you’re not having some simple carbohydrates post workout then you’re doing it wrong.  Sizer XXL has taken the guess work out of it.

The picture of me with my Sizer XXL is a relaxed state.  The mirror picture was taken post workout after I consumed My Sizer XXL and my arms are totally pumped and able to maintain the pump.  Sizer XXL is allowing me to recover faster and train harder. 

NPC National competitor James Vondoloski with his favorite Protein
NPC National competitor James Vondoloski with his favorite Protein
AMERICAN PURE WHEY 100% Whey protein matrix, chocolate Review

AMERICAN PURE WHEY 100% Whey protein matrix, chocolate Review
Matt Morgan


 I usually use this protein with my meals the slower digesting whey concentrate is perfect for a steady feed of protein threw the day.

 My preferred methods of this is to add it to oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter this is a prefect meal with a lean protein source complex carbs and healthy fats. I also will add it to pancake mix or waffle mix.

 It is also very good before a workout to keep a steady stream of amino acids fueling your muscle and keeping you from entering a catabolic state during your workout.

 It can also be used post workout but i would give whey isolate a sligh edge here.
 So i would recommend a whey concentrate over isolate as a throughout the day protein source since it last longer in your system the only three times id use an isolate over it is first thing when i wake up, post workout two times when the faster digesting and acting isolate is better and if you are lactose intolerant.


Profile 10/10
You wont find a whey concentrate with a better profile.

Taste 8.5/10
I prefer the cinnamon bun over this but it is still very good if your a chocolate lover which i am not.

Mixablity 10/10
Nearly instantly completely dissolves whether you add it to milk water or even pancake mix and oatmeal.

Cost 10/10
Blows away the compation especially if you buy 20 to 50 lbs like i do.

Great tasting and mixing protein for daily protein replacement and needs i highly recommend it and use it myself daily to help me reach my 300 gram a day protein needs.


Preparation for the NPC Western Michigan Bodybuilding Invitational 2012 9/26/2012

Wednesday I did 20 minutes on the stationary bike in the morning and 40 minutes in the afternoon. My workout consisted of a leg routine with Barbell squats superset with leg presses, finished with leg curls and leg extensions. My second workout for the day started with a warm-up of 40 minutes on the stationary bike and stair stepper. I worked out my back and biceps starting with lat pull-downs, wide grip and v-bar pull-downs, back extensions and preacher bicep curls. 

Preparation for the NPC Western Michigan Bodybuilding Invitational 2012 9/25/2012

Tuesday I did two 30-minute sessions running on the treadmill. I then trained biceps and triceps for 45 minutes. I did supersets of dumb bell curls and triceps kickbacks, narrow-grip bench press and preacher curls using barbell with one arm. I followed the arm workout with two 1-hour sessions of boot camp class that I teach. 

Preparation for the NPC Western Michigan Bodybuilding Invitational 2012 9/24/2012

Monday I did two 30 minute sessions of stationary bike on the highest difficulty and intensity throughout the duration of the sessions. I worked my chest and back for 45 minutes. I did supersets on the incline press alternating with reverse incline rows using dumb bells. I followed that with flat bench dumb bell flies, super setting with upright rows using the barbells

The Real Deal on Whey Isolate
The Real Deal on Whey Isolate
Keith Steele Gavazzi

Let’s face the facts here,  Fitness is about more than vanity.  Undertaking a training program means more than chasing a six pack.  It mean that you have goals and the inner drive to commit to realize them.  At root, the entire endeavor is all about goal setting and goal achievement.  This means creating a vision in your head of where you want, no, NEED to be in a determined period of time and then picking the shortest distance or straightest line from where you’re at to where that vision will take you.  So let’s face it, we’re driven to success and we have ZERO time for obstacles.  Fortunately we live in an era of unprecedented human scientific achievement!  We have the nutritional science to help you achieve your goals more efficiently than ever before.  Unfortunately, the modern bodybuilder or strength athlete is also faced with what amounts to a tyranny of choice.  It seems that every player in the supplement industry is constantly hucking the “next best thing” complete with slick marketing campaigns, photoshopped before-and-after pictures, and nonsensical graphs.  I’m incredibly proud as an athlete to represent American Pure Whey, because here we’re not about the latest fitness fad, we’re about results.  So, in the no-nonsense spirit of this commitment I wanted to take some time this week to hash out the basics of how Whey Isolate can help you to achieve your goals.

Why Whey Isolate?

 First let’s consider the benefits of Whey Isolate.  Without getting to deep into specifics, It’s a pretty basic fact that Whey Protein in general is extremely beneficial to a nutritional regimen for a training athlete.  When you go all out and train hard you’re doing some pretty serious damage to your muscles.  This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, afterall it’s the stimulus that forces them to grow and become stronger.  However,  the real trick to making progress in strength sports is most effectively recovering from these workouts so that you keep making progress and can train even harder.  This is where Whey comes in.  Whey protein has an exceptionally complete Amino Acid profile, meaning that the protein contains all of the amino acids that your body needs to knit together the proteins that make up your Lean Muscle Tissue, making it an extremely “Bioavailable” dietary protein.   This means you’re a more well recovered, leaner, meaner machine.  Whey Protein has even been shown, in studies, significant increases in both Lean Body Mass and Strength in men who use it as a dietary supplement when compared with those who don’t supplement with Whey (http://bit.ly/S10XQX).   

The next thing to consider is which form of Whey to use.  I can say that my favorite type of whey to use is, by far, American Pure Whey 100% Whey Isolate.  There are a few reasons for this:

-Whey Isolate is the purest form of whey protein available and contains between 90-95% protein.
-Whey Isolate is low in Fat and Carbohydrates so it can fit into diets with a diverse set of goals.
-Whey Isolate is extremely digestible as it is extremely low in lactose, resulting in less bloat and gas.
-Whey Isolate is the purest form of whey protein available.
-Whey Isolate is ideal for both muscle building and fat loss.
   For me, a big part of why I choose American Pure Whey 100% Whey Isolate is how I utilize it in my diet.  I supplement my protein intake with Whey Isolate at the two times of the day that my body is most catabolic: In the morning and intraworkout.  My daily routine consists of some Low Intensity Steady State(LISS) cardio every morning.  Keeping this cardio up year-round helps me stay lean so that i have much less fat to lose pre-contest but also puts me at risk for entering into catabolism and burning through some of the lean mass that I work so hard to build.  For this reason I choose a whey protein shake both intraworkout and every morning for breakfast made with at least 2 full servings of American Pure Whey 100% Whey Isolate.  My personal preference is for the Cinnamon Bun Flavor.  This stuff tastes AMAZING and mixes incredibly well with just about any fruit or nut butter.   There’s also the added benefit of Cinnamon which has been shown in studies to increase insulin sensitivity (http://bit.ly/PDMZ7S).  

My typical breakfast shake:

 The only major downside to using a Whey Isolate is that, as the purest and most refined form of whey protein,  these supplements tend to cost a bit more.  Luckily you’ve found American Pure Whey, which offers what I’ve found to be the most cost effective quality Whey Isolate on the market.  They offer great discounts on higher volume purchases so you don’t have to waste your time (or kitchen storage space!) with endless half-full full tubs.  The best part is that APW hasn’t used this as an excuse to skimp on the flavors, meaning that you get the best bang for your buck and don’t have to sacrifice enjoyment of your diet for it!   You can check out the great deals they

offer here: http://www.americanpurewhey.com/whey-isolate-01.html

Till Next Time, GET RIPPED!
Preparation for the NPC Western Michigan Bodybuilding Invitational 2012 - 9/17/2012

Monday Sept. 17th 2012 8am boot camp class 1hr 10am 30mins stationary bike 7:45 pm Legs and Back. Super sets of Squats and Dead-lifts for 30 mins. Doing approximately 10sets of each with 135 lbs up to 315 lbs 10 to 15 reps/set. 3 sets lunges with 65lbs dumbbells approx. 100 ft/set. Then cool down with stretching.

SIZER XXL Review from Brandon S
  1. Name:Brandon S
  2. Years Bodybuilding: 2 years bodybuilding, numerous years training for different forms of Athletics
  3. Favorite Bodypart: Quads, Traps, Biceps, I love them all
  4. Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts, Squats, Floor Presses, Bench Presses done with chains
  5. Favorite Supplements: American Pure Whey: SIZER XXL
  Social Media Links: Face book: Brandon Current Diet: 1) Immediately Upon Waking: Either 3 scoops Sizer XXL or 2 BCAA's 1 Scoop of Whey 2) 12 oz Chicken with 1 cup Sushi Rice 3) Post Workout: 3 scoops Sizer XXL or 3 Scoops of Whey mixed in Water and after wards drink a Gatorade. 4) 6 Eggs 1 Cup Oats 1/2 cup fruit 5) 12 oz Chicken with 4 slices Ezekial Bread 6) 8 oz Red Meat 1/2 cup brown rice 7) before bed 8 oz Red Meat 1/2 cup veggies. Sizer XXL by American Pure Whey: Putting you in larger sized T-shirts. Most supplement companies have the craziest and most outlandish sales pitches. They draw you into a supplement with some shiny label. They then further produce claims that fall completely short. American Pure Whey has a complete different approach to supplements. They are a straight forward NO BS company and I’m proud to be a customer and now sponsored Athlete by this company. I know many sponsored athletes of the “shiny label” companies that simply sale the products to get money to buy a better supplement. I have no worries of doing so with this company and I can feel even more comfortable to report to you my actual results.   USES: WEIGHT GAIN/GROWTH: Sizer XXL is American Pure Whey’s version of a classic weight gainer. The great thing about this product is due to its nutritional makeup it has multiple uses. This product is great for the person who has a High Metabolism and needs to add more calories (1033 per serving) to their diet to grow. Some tend to think any calorie equals growth, while it does it is not always the growth we want. Sizer XXL is designed to pack on some serious muscle tissue. People seeking this route could use this product immediately upon waking, and eat breakfast approximately an Hour later. Or have this any time during the day when there is a large split between your meals. POST WORKOUT: Most Weight Gainers rely strictly on Sugar for the Carbohydrate source. We all know that this ends badly if we were to ingest 150g of sugar. However Sizer XXL has only 41g of sugar. This makes this product ideal in numerous ways that some “Weight Gainer 52 million” can’t live up to. Sizer XXL is the most complete POST-WORKOUT product there is. Post workout our body needs some sugar for insulin response and Carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores and shuttle nutrients into the broken down muscle Tissue. In Meathead terms, it makes the protein actually work. Those Carbs cause the insulin to spike thus shuttling the 70g of Protein, 5g Creatine, 14g Glutamine into the muscle tissue for immediate recovery and growth. You would have to go out and buy 4-5 independent supplements and then mix them together to get this same equation. Sizer XXL takes the guess work out of the mix. For Post-Workout I recommend consuming the 4 scoops with Skim Milk. MEAL REPLACEMENT: This product is not advertised as a Meal Replacement but can still actually be used in this way. For those who would want to lower the carb content you could simply mix 2 scoops of Sizer XXL with one scoop of American Pure Whey Protein. This keeps the protein up while keeping the carbs moderate. I tried this for my extremely busy hours when I couldn’t get a meal in and it worked great. Bam Bam on Sizer XXL: I tried Sizer XXL in a couple of different ways. I’m a large guy and sometimes it can be harder for me to get enough food in to continue growing. I first used Sizer XXL Immediately in the morning just after waking, mixed with ice, water, and the 4 scoops all done in the blender. While Sleeping our body is fasting and it needs nutrients immediately in the morning. Also many people do not have the time to eat a traditional breakfast so to say. An hour later I consumed 6 eggs. The other way I tried Sizer XXL is POST-WORKOUT. I found it to be most effective here. Immediately following my chest workout I came home and had 4 scoops in a shaker bottle mixed with skim milk. Because my body received the nutrients so fast, my pump carried on much longer than typically. I found myself later in the day still flexing and squeezing my Pecs feeling the pump. I think this is attributed to the complete mix of the product and the inclusion of creatine. MIXABILITY: 4/5 This is a huge thing for me when it comes to weight gainers. Because most weight gainers use sugar, and this one has much less sugar I expected more chunking. I really put this to test when using skim milk in a shaker bottle, It stirred up just fine with me simply shaking the shaker bottle a few times. I gave it a 4 out of 5 simply because you are going to need a larger shaker bottle to mix 3 or 4 scoops. TASTE: 5/5 Most weight gainers have this drastically chalky taste. So much so that for years I have strayed away from weight gainers. The Chocolate Sizer XXL taste good in water and absolutely amazing mixed in skim milk. I would have no problem consuming this shake on a daily basis. COST: 5/5 19.99 for 4lbs of Weight Gainer. So if you want to simply try the product out to see if you’d like it the 4lb jug is the way to go. The great standard about American Pure Whey the more you buy the cheaper it gets, its 39.99 for a 10lb jug. To buy all of the supplements individually would get very expensive and it would be tough to get the flavor anywhere cost to as good as Sizer XXL. Remember you Heard it hear First!!! Train Insane Or Remain The Same!!! Brandon “Bam Bam” Stoudemire
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