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Life on a diet can get a little dull. For a Bodybuilder, or anyone on a strict purposeful diet, your options can be pretty limited and before long it's easy to find yourself kinda tired of the same meals day in and day out. However, with a little imagination and forethought there are infinite ways to spin these same food options into treats. After all, a little positive reinforcement never hurt anyone did it? Here's a recipe for something I like to call Whey Bombs! I'm bulking up right now so I made them a little heavy on the fats, which also makes them taste amazing. Baking with Whey is something that we often overlook but, holy crap, the results are not only delicious but also help you hit your goals! Whey Bombs! Recipe: Ingredients: 256 grams rolled oats 2 lb natural peanut butter (crunchy) 427grams egg white 3 cups coconut, almond, or oat milk 44grams cinnamon 19.2 grams baking soda 125 grams cacao nibs 240 grams whey 200 grams truvia Baking Blend Sea Salt Simple Steps: Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees (Fahrenheit) Stir all ingredients into a large bowl (except for sea salt) to make the batter If time allows, let the batter sit in you refrigerator for about 20-40 minutes to give the oats time to soak up the On a well oiled or parchment paper lined cookie tray, use a spoon to dab out the desired number of cookies. Keep in mind that these things will rise a bit while cooking so go for a size that's a bit smaller than you'd prefer the final cookies to be. Throw those Whey Bombs into the oven and let them cook for 10-20 minutes depending on how moist you'd prefer them to be. Cooking for 10 minutes will yield Whey Bombs that are a bit more “cakey”, with a brownie like consistency, while cooking them for longer should yield a crispier cookie. Sprinkle Sea Salt across the tops of the Whey Bombs for a savory flavor Allow to cool (IF YOU CAN!), then devour for gains! Nutritonal Info: We went pretty big on the cookie size with ours so we yielded 28 Whey Bombs in total. Here is the macro-nutritional break down per cookie: These are some pretty solid Bulkers and they taste awesome! What better way to reward yourself for hitting that PR or a having a great workout than with an awesome “cheat meal” pastry that doesn't really require you to cheat on your diet?! Enjoy, and until next week, GET RIPPED!
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