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Nutrient Timing with American Pure whey Sizer XXL

One of the largest misunderstandings I see in bodybuilding currently is nutrient timing.  I see some guys eating two meals a day, some with 5, and with all these different choices it leaves some people in a state of confusion. 

The easiest way of thinking about it, is by picturing an IV bag.  The bag slowly drips providing nutrients very slowly.  This is exactly how we as bodybuilders need to think of nutrition.  We need a constant supply of quality calories throughout the entire day to provide the needs for repairing muscle tissue and providing new growth.  This thought process has been why you have seen many big name bodybuilders actually wake up in the middle of the night and consume a meal at 3am and then go back to bed, during a bulk.  Their idea is that sleeping all night they go into a fasting state and are missing an opportunity for growth.  I have tried this and I don’t recommend it.  I believe it interrupts your sleeping pattern which inhibits the amount of natural Growth Hormone the body is releasing.  Keeping this ideology in mind, this shows us that we must have a meal/shake immediately upon waking and prior to going to bed to completely optimize the bulking process and to keep protein and amino acids within the blood stream. 

In my previous blogs, I spoke of how great I thought Sizer XXL is as a morning shake.  However, there is one time when the body can metabolize nutrients and at much higher rate and use the food in a much higher anabolic ration, this is post workout.  During a workout our body tears down the tissues and there is an immediate need for nutrition otherwise the body will go into a catabolic state and tear down muscle tissue for the sake of energy.  This is our bodies natural response to protect itself and its great in extreme situations when survival is the only goal.  To combat this natural reaction we need simple carbohydrates and a fast digesting protein.  Sizer XXL gives us a supply of 41g of simple sugar for fast digesting carbohydrates…… your saying “wait my trainer at planet fitness tells me simple sugars are bad.”  While this statement is primarily true, simple sugars are excellent post-workout because they cause an insulin spike.  This spike in insulin levels allows our body to shuttle the other nutrients that we put in directly to the blood stream which are then taken to the muscle tissue.  Hence we use the simple sugars to spike the insulin to carry the 70g of muscle building protein, directly to the muscle.  The greatest part of Sizer XXL in comparison to other post workout products is that it includes Creatine monohydrate (5g) and Glutamine (14g).   Many clinical studies have shown that Creatine is much more anabolic when consumed in a higher insulin state.  Simply put, the simple carbs allow your body to actually use the amount of creatine that is in the product and do so in a much faster pace.  Sizer XXL uses a mixture of Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate which are both very fast digesting proteins.  All of this together creates a nutritional synergy that is perfectly primed for post workout.  Post-Workout your body has about an Hour to take advantage of this Anabolic window, if you don’t take advantage of it during this time your body will return to normal after the hour time period.  That’s one of the major reasons for the large amount of protein in Sizer XXL (70g).  Simply put if you’re not having some simple carbohydrates post workout then you’re doing it wrong.  Sizer XXL has taken the guess work out of it.

The picture of me with my Sizer XXL is a relaxed state.  The mirror picture was taken post workout after I consumed My Sizer XXL and my arms are totally pumped and able to maintain the pump.  Sizer XXL is allowing me to recover faster and train harder. 

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