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Workout Log 11/4/2012

Monday: 7miles stationary bike and 2 miles treadmill, boot-camp class 1HR, Squats 10set 10reps 225lbs superset with leg press 6 plates 10sets of 10reps followed by 5 sets of squats 225lbs super-set with walking lunges w/ 55lb dumbbells

Tuesday: Morning 45mins cardio treadmill and stair-stepper, bench-press 20sets of 10reps 275lbs + Boot-camp class 1hr. Evening boot-camp class 1HR

Wednesday: 2 miles on treadmill and 7 miles on stationary bike, Shoulders, Standing Military Press 10sets 10 reps 135lbs super-set with barbell shoulder shrugs 10sets 10reps of 315lbs, side lateral raises 5 sets 45lb dumbbells to failure.

Thursday:  2 miles on treadmill and stair-stepper, Boot-camp class 1HR, Evening Boot-camp class 1hr,Upper Back: Lat Pull-downs 20sets 10reps 185lbs, Biceps Easy-curl bar with 45lb plates followed by one-arm dumbbell preacher curls 5sets of 50, 55, and 60lb dumbbells to failure. 

Friday: 2 miles on treadmill and 7 miles stationary bike, Straight-bar Dead-lifts 20sets of 10reps 315lbs 5 sets of dumbbell rows 80lb to 120lb  +10lb increments each set

Saturday: 30mins of cardio step-mill and treadmill, incline dumb-bell presses started with 80's up 5lbs each set to 100lb dumbbells 10sets of 10reps, and Cable crossovers 10sets of 10reps starting with 60lbs up 5lbs every 3rd set till finished with 75lbs Lat pull-overs 110lb barbell 5sets of 10reps, Evening30mins of cardio treadmill and stationary bike

Sunday: 40mins of treadmill at 6.5mph and 40mins of stationary bike average speed 20mph
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